Thermal-visual and electrical measurements

We offer the comprehensive measurements of electro-energy installations. In the scope of our service, we are able to prepare a report analysing the technical condition of components based on thermal-visual and electrical measurements, including:

  • insulation resistance measurements
  • short circuit loop measurements
  • earthing /lightning protection system measurements
  • residual current devices measurements

Performed measurements enable the location of potential failures and make it possible to plan an effective process of equipment maintenance. In the scope of our services, it is also possible to make measurements after maintenance works to evaluate the effectiveness of the inspection.
We offer our customers periodic cooperation on the basis of a permanent contract or the possibility of taking measurements on the basis of single agreement.

3NS company can also carry out an independent audit / assessment of the electro-energy equipment at your plant.

We take measurements using the most modern thermal-visual equipment and electric meters. Our professionals have the appropriate licenses to perform measurements.