Electrical equipment maintenance

We have the experience as well as a team of professionals. Our measuring devices and the technology for cleaning and maintaining the equipment is of the highest quality.

Maintenance works can be divided into three main stages:

Stage I – preparation

  • site visit – survey of the devices specified by the customer and initial assessment of their technical condition
  • thermal-visual and electrical measurements before maintenance works – detailed assessment of electrical components and devices and the potential risk
  • inspection report – includes the summary of the stage 1 and 2 – see a sample report

Stage II – maintenance works

  • cleaning of the equipment
  • Maintenance

Stage III – final

  • thermal-visual and electrical measurements after performance of works
  • maintenance works report – see the sample report
The combination of cleaning and measurement in the final report allows the engineers responsible for the flow of works to evaluate the effectiveness of the works, the condition of the devices and to intentionally plan further steps that will guarantee failure-free operation of the plant.

The solutions we use reduce the time necessary for the performance of the maintenance works. The technology employed by us brings cost-savings related to the uninterrupted flow of plant operation, reduces the risk of fires, downtime of technological lines and component failures.