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We perform maintenance works without any downtime to the production process. We don’t use chemical agents.

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Our method of cleaning is non-invasive. We guarantee the safety of integrated circuits.

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We do the cleaning quickly and effectively. Up to 100 m kw. of installation within 8 hours..

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We have the experience as well as a team of professionals. Our measuring devices and the technology for cleaning and maintaining the equipment is of the highest quality.

We use technology based on an innovative cleaning agent, whose main element is a mixture of gasses, specially prepared on the gas ramp of the service vehicle.

We have helped numerous plants to minimalize the costs related to fires.
Thanks to our methods, we have eliminated the necessity of replacing up to 90% of components.

We offer the comprehensive measurements of electro-energy installations.
In the scope of our service, we are able to prepare a report analysing the technical condition of components based on thermal-visual and electrical measurements.

Before cleaning with the use of 3NS technology

6/04 kv oil-filled transformer at the steel plant, covered with industrial dust, oil and patina.

After cleaning with the use of 3NS technology

Thanks to the cleaning, the risk of electric arc occurrence was reduced, the insulation resistance improved and consumption of the electricity reduced.

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