Electrical equipment cleaning

3NS technology is based on the use of innovative cleaning agent whose main element is the mixture of gasses, specially prepared on the gas ramp of the service vehicle.

Gas under pressure

The mixture in the form of gas mist is applied onto the cleaned devices by specialized nozzles. Its composition and pressure (which doesn’t exceed the value of 0.5 – 1.5 bar) are regulated by the steering module – and depending on the type, the degree of contamination and on the type and sensitivity of the equipment being cleansed.

Non-invasive cleaning

The mixture reaches the parts of the components which are inaccessible to the traditional methods (chemical agents, compressed air, brushes, rags, gasoline, kerosene). When the mixture gets under the soiled area and has contact with atmospheric pressure, its particles expand a few hundred times and remove even the most persistent and dangerous contamination without interfering with the structure of the components.

Safe and friendly

The mixture is completely dry, it doesn’t cause dampness, doesn’t react physically or chemically with the cleaned elements, has no abrasive properties, is non-toxic, odourless, non-flammable and aseptic. It is completely safe for sensitive electronic elements and people who have direct contact with it.

Post-fire cleaning – we have experience gained form performing big projects in post-fire situations.

  • In many plants, we have eliminated the need of replacing up to 90% of components. The cost savings brought about by using our technology for removing the effects of the fire can be extensive.
  • The time needed for removing the failures caused by the fire is very short. Components can be restored for use quicker than replacing the burnt wiring.
  • The method of applying the dry gas mixture that we use allows 100% of soot to be removed from the components. Usage of traditional chemical or water-based methods accelerate corrosion which may lead to the total replacement of components after 3 months from the cleaning. 3NS doesn’t use water, which, when reacting with halogen compounds, expand their size a few hundred times (by-product of the combustion of insulation, which causes corrosion of plastic, cooper or aluminium elements) and it doesn’t accelerate the corrosion of components./li>

The mixture reaches the parts of the components which are inaccessible to traditional methods. At the same time, the mixture is completely dry, doesn’t cause dampness and doesn’t react physically or chemically with the cleaned elements.

Removal of contamination by using nozzles and a pressure extractor

Impurities are removed from devices and components at the place where the mixture is applied, which are automatically removed by the pressure extractor.